DEFINITELY NOT THE NEW FLUFF | NIKE SB | Hardcover Photo Book 1st edition


31,5 x 31,5 cm
244 pages
200 grams repulp coated paper (recycled)
10 different interchangeable covers on 200 grams glossy coated paper
extra special photo frame hardcover sleeve
1000 copies 1st edition

” ‘DEFINITELY NOT THE NEW FLUFF’ is a collection of images resulting from a two-year-long documentation of global travel by Dutch photographer Marcel Veldman.

As one of the most notable skateboard photographers of our time, Veldman has captured both the greats and the ‘still to be discovered’ of the modern day skate world, gaining both unique insights and the trust of the skate community.

As a skater himself, Veldman started shooting his environment some 18 years ago, photographing the life he inhabited and the culture he was a part of. His passion led him to create the award winning publication Fluff, which blended skating, street culture and after hours antics with a truthful realism.

In 2006 Nike SB began its collaboration with Veldman in order to shoot an authentic side of skateboarding life both on and off the board, traveling extensively with the Nike SB team while documenting the dynamic and often personal nature of this world.

Barcelona is considered one of the world’s skateboarding capitals, and it’s a city that Veldman has visited many times. It’s no coincidence that this collection of skateboard images will be exhibited at C.C.C.B., just a stone’s throw from one of Barcelona’s most iconic spots, MACBA square.

‘DEFINITELY NOT THE NEW FLUFF’ is an exhibition about skateboarding in its purest form; No FLUFF, just skateboarding and a photographer.”

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Dimensions 31.5 × 31.5 cm

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